About Us

| Our Company |

Stockley Jewellery has been crafting beautiful jewellery for over a decade.

We make pieces that are dearly cherished and crafted to last. That is because many pieces are hand-made and lovingly fashioned by a small group of specialist craftspeople. All of our stones are individually hand-selected by Lynne – the founder of Stockley Jewellery – certified Diamond Grader, Gemmologist, fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia and life-long aficionado of exquisite jewellery.

Our jewellery is suitable for all ages and it is designed for those who appreciate high quality and innovative design.

| The Stockley Style |

Stockley is a small but important brand in the Australian retail market. We have built a strong following, and owing to international demand, we now deliver all over the world.

We are directing contemporary trends and have some of the latest styles and fashions, but what makes Stockley pieces different is their timeless elegance. We make jewellery that conveys a statement of taste and refinement; that remains consistent and unchanging. Our pieces make a statement. They speak of taste, of beauty and a refinement of style that refuses to glimmer dimly or glean any less bright.

Stockley Jewellery is made for you.